Idea Lab

A step by step formula for coming up with the best ideas and bringing them to life.


Are you stuck in your creative process and find it hard to come up with new ideas?

Idea Lab is a step by step formula for creating your best ideas and bringing them to life.

This course is for you if you can answer YES to one of these questions: 

  • Do you need new ideas for your business or your personal development? 
  • Do you actually have ideas but don't know what to do with them?

Can you relate?


If so, then Idea Lab is for YOU! 

You will get:

The Basics of Idea Generation

You will understand where good ideas come from and will be able to use the theories of idea generation to create your next big thing!

Practical examples and hands on tools

Exercises, strategies, what to do and what not to do so that you don't let any good ideas slip through your fingers. 

"Lab Report" - a checklist for all your thoughts

Document all your thoughs and reflexions in this practical PDF checklist that will be your most valuable idea generation document. 

Let Idea Lab help you take your idea generation to the next level!

"I am so happy I started reading this! This might actually be the most important thing I have ever read. Strange how this wasn't a part of my university education. This should be a mandatory element of all post high school education."

Naghmeh Khamoosh

Idea Lab is for everyone!

Idea Lab is an entry level course, something with an aim to kick start your creative business thinking and your professional idea generating skills. 

Ready to start?

Let's boos your business creativity once and for all!

"Idea Lab has helped me to evaluate and find new ways to do my business. The new ideas and the creativity have awakened joy and curiosity for the future both for me and my company. "

Malin Lindström

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